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– URBANBIKER guarantees each owner that their bicycle is free of hidden defects. If the owner observes any defect, they must inform URBANBIKER immediately in order to repair or replace it.
– A two-year guarantee is offered on all electrical and mechanical components under normal conditions of use, conservation and maintenance.
– This guarantee does not cover parts subject to wear and tear due to the use of the bicycle, as long as they do not present defects in material or assembly.
– Exceptions to this warranty: misuse or abuse of the electric bicycle, introduction of water into any of the electric components, tampering with the engine or any other component that modifies the original design and operation, use of non-original parts, damage caused by use (scratches, cracks, cuts or dents)
– The goods are delivered free of charge to the address indicated by the customer within 24/48 hours on the peninsula. For shipments to the Canary Islands consult rates.
– The order will be sent once the payment has been formalized.
– Orders placed before 17.00 h from Monday to Friday are processed the same day, otherwise they will be processed the next working day.
– The transport agencies that process our shipments are SEUR and DHL. A tracking number will be provided to know at all times the status of the shipment.
– The bicycle is sent in its box, checked, packed and protected. You only have to install the handlebars, the pedals and make minimal adjustments.
– If the product is no longer available or cannot be delivered on time for any other reason, the customer will be informed immediately. The customer can then either cancel the order and be reimbursed in full or agree on a delivery time.
– Any damage or deterioration caused during shipment and delivery of the goods must be reported immediately and will entail the demonstration and proof of such damage. This is how URBANBIKER r will claim from the transport agency



How does an eBike work?

Electric bikes use an electric motor to increase natural pedaling power. All you have to do is turn the pedals and the eBike will automatically add power. You can easily control your speed because the amount of power the eBike gives you depends on the level of assistance you choose. Pedaling will require less effort (especially in the higher assistance modes) and you will be able to climb slopes and go much faster than usual.

Why are there different assistance levels?

You don’t always need the same amount of assistance. Using less assistance increases the battery life, while there is an option to use more assistance to go faster or climb slopes.

Once you reach 25 km/h, pedaling normally, how fast can you go up?

There is no limit. Up to what you are able to reach with your own pedalling, but keep in mind that with the pedalling assistance you cannot go over 25 km/h.

Can the bike be used in the rain or can the battery be damaged?

There is no problem with riding in the rain.

Do I have to pedal to operate the engine or is there a lever?

Hello, there is no accelerator as it is forbidden, but by setting the maximum power level you practically don’t have to make any effort to make the engine work.

I would like to know if it is an electric assistance bike or if it is an electric bike as it is not the same for the insurance.

Hello, All bikes are electrically assisted according to the European standard EN15194.

I wanted to know if it was necessary to wait for the light on the charger to turn green before disconnecting it while the 6 bars on the display are full.

If you want a full charge of the battery, you have to wait until the LED of the charger is green. This is a large capacity battery and takes some time.


Can I ride my bike when the battery is dead?


How long does it take for the battery to charge?

Depending on the model it can take 7 to 8 hours.

Hello Does the battery have a security key or similar?

Yes, it has a key to easily remove the battery.

Does it come with a battery charger?

Hello, of course. The price includes the battery and the charger.

Is it possible to buy the bike with another spare battery?

Yes, it is possible. We have the batteries available on our website.

What is the actual battery life?

Depending on the model between 100 and 160 km/h.

Do I have to empty the battery completely before charging it?

It is not necessary, it has no memory effect and you can charge it manually.



How about assembly if you’re not a handyman? Do you carry tools?

The bike is shipped pre-assembled at 95%. You only need to assemble the handlebars and pedals, the user’s manual and tools needed for assembly are included. In addition, there are assembly videos on our youtube channel and we provide online or telephone help for any questions.


Hi, if I buy the bike and it doesn’t fit what I want, can I return it within a week, for example? Thank you.

You have 30 days to return it, with a maximum of 10 km travelled. The cost of the shipment is 25 Euros (for international shipments it is 50 Euros!!!!!)


Does the bike and its electrical parts (including battery) have a warranty?

Our URBANBIKER bikes have a 2 year guarantee for all the components.

Do you have agents in France and Germany if you need any spare parts or a technical revision?

Our factory and logistic centre is located in Leon, Spain. For the management of incidents and guarantee cases, we offer the sending of replacement parts and advice on the assembly via online or telephone. However, if you need a mechanical repair we can collaborate with workshops in your area. If the problem is electrical, we will arrange a shipment to our workshop in Spain completely free of charge.

All of the above is only possible in the case of a guarantee. However, once it is finished we are still at the disposal of all our customers to supply spare parts and repairs or maintenance, as well as technical advice.

Are there spare parts for any parts that may break?

Yes, we have availability of spare parts as we are manufacturers and distributors of our brand.



Can the Dakota model be fitted with a rear wheel carrier?

Hello, you can mount a rack and he can mount a carrier. We have it on our website.

Is it possible to put a baby carriage? Thank you.

Of course, both child seat and stroller.



How can I wash the electric bicycle?

Electric bikes have electric circuits and mechanisms, so it is necessary to be careful when cleaning the bike.

To start cleaning the bike, check the manual to see which parts need special attention, especially the display, motor and battery.

Start by washing the bike with water, then you can rub it with a cloth or brush to remove dirt from difficult places such as pedals, rims and brakes. Use the bike degreaser to clean the transmission, let it stand for five minutes and then remove it with a damp cloth. Use a disc brake cleaner to clean the brakes. Finally, use a dry cloth to remove any water residue and pay particular attention to the battery compartment, which needs to be completely dry before reinstalling the battery.

It is very important not to pressure wash the electrical parts of the bike.

How often should I clean the bike?

It depends on the use of the bike during the week, the terrain and the season. If you use it lightly you can clean it once a month, but we do not recommend extending the limit to more than two months. If you use an electric mountain bike we recommend cleaning it more frequently. Mud, dirt and other particles tend to adhere to the chain and it will be more difficult to pedal. In addition, the battery compartment accumulates dust, saltpeter and other substances that interfere with battery performance.

What should I do if the engine overheats?

The engines have a safety mechanism in case the temperature of this pass of 70 degrees the engine shuts down for a few seconds. To avoid overheating it is necessary to use the appropriate gears and assistance levels. On very steep slopes the assistance level should be the maximum (5) and the bike gear 1 or 2.










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