Warranty conditions


All products manufactured by Urbanbiker S.L. are guaranteed in accordance with EU Directive 1999/44/EC on the sale and guarantee of consumer goods.

The terms of this warranty, which apply to Spanish manufacturers, are also supplemented for products purchased and invoiced in Spain by Royal Legislative Decree 7/2021.

All Urbanbiker brand products and UBK systems are guaranteed for 2 years. This applies to products purchased within the European Union, except for consumables and insofar as the conditions of use described in the instruction’s manual are complied with and the appropriate maintenance work is carried out.

For products purchased and invoiced in Spain and Portugal from 1 January 2022, the warranty will be 3 years, excluding consumables, and provided that the conditions of use described in the instructions for use are complied with and the appropriate maintenance is carried out.



Urbanbiker warrants its electric bicycles and other related products under the Urbanbiker brand and UBK systems against any manufacturing or assembly defects:

– The repair or replacement of defective parts by new parts.

– The labour required to install or repair parts and components, either by yourself or by a third party.

– The cost of shipping (if applicable) the parts to the users or official points of sale where the purchase was made.

Defects that occur during the initial assembly or adjustment, such as the adjustment of the gears, the adjustment of the brakes and brake pads, the routing of the cables, the tension of the spokes and the automatic closures on handlebars, saddles, wheels and folding models, must be claimed within the first 30 days of receipt of the bicycle. After this period, the user is responsible for the condition of the adjustment.

If the incident is excluded from the warranty, the user or the official point of sale will bear the cost of shipping.

The loss of battery power over time is not a manufacturing defect, but an inherent consequence of the nature of the lithium that makes up this component. Therefore, the guarantee only applies if the loss of autonomy of the battery is less than 50% or if 500 complete charge cycles have not been performed.

In no case does the warranty include the provision of a replacement vehicle during the time required to resolve an incident covered by the warranty.

Under no circumstances does the warranty cover personal injury or property damage that may result directly or indirectly from the failure of this equipment during use.

Under no circumstances does the warranty cover the normal consumption of consumables. These items are subject to wear and tear:

La garantía no cubre en ningún caso el desgaste habitual de consumibles. Dichos elementos, sujetos a desgaste, son:

Tyres and inner tubes.

Chains, brake discs and brake pads.

Saddle, grips and belts.

Shock absorber cores, O-rings and joints.

Lamps, cables and covers.

Seals, sprockets and cups.

Pedals and threads.

(This list is only a list and in no way restrictive, as other consumables may be found).



Warranty claims may only be processed through the sales channel associated with the product. This means that in case of purchase of a product at an official point of sale (either on-site or online), the warranty must be processed through this point of sale and not through another one. This is because Urbanbiker is also an official point of sale.

To make the warranty effective, the customer must always present the invoice of purchase.

In all cases, the effectiveness of the warranty is subject to the assessment of Urbanbiker’s Technical Service, which may consider excluding the warranty for the reasons stated in the following point.



The application of the warranty is excluded if the failure of the defective part(s) is due to improper and/or negligent use of the product.

Improper and/or negligent use means the following:

– Any use that is not in the nature of the product and/or not recommended in the instruction manual.

– Failure to carry out the maintenance operations specified in the instruction manual or carrying out operations other than those specified which may affect the functioning of the product.

– Carrying out repairs outside authorised workshops and/or using non-original parts that are not approved by Urbanbiker.

The application of the warranty is excluded in the event of damage, malfunction or performance problems caused by industrial air pollutants or external influences that are the cause of the damage.

Defects resulting from improper assembly or adjustment.

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