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  • Urbanbiker
  • Polígono Industrial Onzonilla Fase 1. Parcela G17 Nave 3 Calle 3. C.P. 24231 Onzonilla - León - España
  • +34 987229760

Large experience in the management, design and after sales service of ebikes fleet for delivery or tourist rental.

flota de alquiler

Our solutiongs include:

Reliable ebike.

Easy maintenance

Quality componentes

Battery of 36v and 10.4 Amps

Posibility of upgrading the following

  • Baterías up to 14.5 amps.
  • Cargador USB en la batería.
  •  GPS fleet control integrated in the ebike. It can be managed through the mobile phone
  • Robery insurance
  • Seat post antivandalic system.
  • Antipuncture tires (either urban or treking tires).
  • Company logo.

Delivery ebikes for riders

  • Delivery box adapted to our ebike
  • Rear wheel lock
  • GPS tracking system
  • Mobile holder in the bar with USB conector in the battery.